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There are many individuals who have the desire to earn from Forex trading, but lack experience and adequate knowledge. Wall Street Forex Robot is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the individuals who wish to earn from trading forex. Designed and developed by a team of expert professionals in the trading, the Forex Robot will facilitate the users to generate huge profits.

Wall Street Forex Robot is one of its kinds in the market. It is the developed state-of-the-art technology. The robot is in-built with five intelligent protection systems. It has a very unique program developed with respect to risk management. The risk management algorithm enables the facility to reduce the size of the investment or reimbursement, effectively. Being a unique technology in the Forex trading industry, it is backed by excellent technical support. This is the only Forex Robot that can be used for three real accounts with proper license and validity. 

Strategy of Wall Street Forex Robot

The key features and core functions of Wall Street Forex Robot is already mentioned above. Learn more the forex robot here. 

It is a scalper that functions for 24/5. The robot uses M15 timeframe. Vendors recommend to use the following pairs in Forex trading.





Besides these currency pairs, USD-CAD is also available, but Forex Robot is not supporting this pair officially. 

However, the robot manual may appear somewhat confusing in terms of supported currency pairs. Initially, the first three pairs mentioned above are detailed in the manual, which appear the USD-CHF is unavailable. However, as you read through the manual, it is also supported by the Forex robot and available in the website. 

In addition to these, you should also know about a few more things about Wall Street Forex Robot. It is listed briefly below: 

Manual configuration of TP and SL for each pair is possible and available. However, it is recommended to stay away from trying it. After successful authentication along with proper configuration, server enables update its EA settings. It provides a pre-set value for each currency pair. The stop loss figures ranges among the following, when the TP is more or less around 25 pips, with a few exceptions. 

EUR-USD – 120 pips 

GBP-USD – 120 pips

USD-JPY – 120 

USD-CHF – 160 

USD-CAD – 14

However, this stop loss ranges rarely hit based on the tests and analysis from the backtests. 

Just like an expert Forex trader, the scalper EA close the trading before the SL hit in a majority of cases and before the market turns against it. The sensible EA enables an average win, reducing the losses and risk of losses. The average loss ratio on a rough estimate is 1:2.75. 

Wall Street Forex Trader not only closes trade before SL is hit, but also has the ability to commence trade and take hold of the profit early, before the trade hits the determined target. EA can figure out the pips that are likely to be available in the market. 

The strategy used by Wall Street Forex Trader is not very complex. Rather, it simply uses a few indicators that are available with Metatrader. This is utilized to determine the entry signals of the market in a very creative way. While examining the way the strategy works, the order sending pattern is also scrutinized. The forex robot has retrying loops to open and close orders and get notified about the live trading, automated. 

In spite of the fact that DLL program is not a hassle free platform for EAs that functions on multiple currency pairs , DLL is very safe. 

The Wall Street Forex Robot functions averagely about 3.5 trades a day when it is run on the four pairs recommended above. When it runs on five pairs, it runs 5 trades a day. EAs trade around the clock with no stoppages, without any time zone settings. Users need not have to worry about the GMT settings, which is a great sign of relief. The running functions of robot are nothing but extremely qualified as frequent trading EA. 

In addition to these, EA is fully compatible with NFA rules and regulates. EA opens and runs only one trade on one instrument at a time. There is no room for multiple trading on multiple instruments in EA. So, it is fully compatible and compliant with the rules of hedging and FIFO too. Still, these are operated along with EAs and traded on the same pairs from a single account, the NFA restrictions of the account prevent the EAs from open trading. 


wall street forex robot


Wall Street Forex Robot is recommended! Although there are a few negative elements to consider, it seems essential. One of the drawbacks of the trading robot is the website style and the high cost! it costs $489. Yet, the downbeat facts are sealed and the deal is made lavish by the facts that the robots has license to run on three different live accounts simultaneously. 

However, it still doesn’t make it affordable. Consider, having just about $1000 in the forex account. You should run it for a minimum of 6 months posing some risk just to earn the profits to compensate the money you invested in EA. So, this is not for the forex traders with small accounts or who is interested to proceed with small scale accounts. It seems the major target is the traders or common people with an interest to trader who have large accounts and can make sizeable investments. 

You can use the link earview.net to buy the robot, which reduces the cost to $439. Avail the $50 dollars discount!  

Considering all the given facts, it is very clear that scalper is profitable, runs around the clock and closes the trade before the market hits low and yes, the high cost is somewhat justifiable. 

The official test results seem to be in tune with the backtest results and it sounds very promising to utilize Wall Street Forex Robot. Beyond these, here is something cheerful for the readers. It is totally worth mentioning here. You will have a 60 days refund guarantee policy, when the EA fails to generate any profit on forex trading. Ready to sign for the deal? 



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