9. How To Start Forex Trading

how to start forex trading


It’s easy to start Forex Trading in eToro simply

Follow these steps to open your account and documented


The First Step:


Press the button on the last page then Fill the Form


The second step:


When you finished the form , start the next step and send the national identity card or passport to confirm your account.

 Of course there are other things must be entered, for examples what field would you like trading the type [Forex, stocks, commodities …] But this does not influence in your account , might they want to know what you prefer and what you like , and others.


The Third Step:


Is the most important steps to document your account is to fund it and after 24 hours of account funding , your account will be confirmed and you will find sign +  and a message ‘ hello to the world of forex trading ‘, then open your demo account, I advise you something too important, do not trading in real account of the first time only after you have been spent three to four months of training in your demo account, you may lose the amount deposited and curse the day that you discovered the forex , that’s why I command you to trade in a demo account, Good Luck!

I choose this company because they trusted by all traders who logged in and tried and the most important thing make me deal with this company is they offer Copy Service.

Copy Service : give rise copies traders other professionals for their transactions at the same moment

For example, when a trader you copied buying shares company also buys you automatic And you specify how much you want the controls in an indirect way, I will Tell you more information in the following articles about this boring detail.

This website is at your service, with any question or note , After the completion of this axis , let’s start to the second axis, a Forex for beginners to complete your studies in the forex world and do not forget to subscribe in our service.

The minimum deposit is $ 200



This button is an affiliate link which I took a commission if you are logged in the company because of me and you’ve financed your account.

I will give you a lucrative offer for you and for me:

If you register by my link you’ll get a free book which cost more than 40$.

 The book contains all the information of the stock from zero to a professional, and it’s the subject that I did not explain in my course at this website.

Be sure that will not be taken the money from your balance , many has asked many questions such as:

Is your commission will be taken from the amount that I funded in my account?

Be sure that it will not be taken it  from your balance


There is another offer provided by the company eToro is introduced more widely used is to open an account for  500$ the company gives 200$ gift + gives you free books

If you are logged on the road this button.

In the final I wish you good luck in your career and thank you for visiting us.

I forgot something if you log fund your account via my link send us an email correspondence on the page or in the comments.

Send me your email address which you are logged and the Date to make sure of your information and I will send you the gift in the email address you sent me, any questions feel free to ask in the comments and

thank you.


how to start forex trading



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