How Much Does It Cost to Invest in the Stock Market?

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How Much Does It Cost to Invest in the Stock Market?


The cost involved when investing in a stock market differs due to a number of reasons; it may depend on the kind of buyer you are, or the company you are investing in or even what type of stock you are into. This stock market business is full of risks, and the chances of losing your entire investment are also really high especially with a large sum of money being involved. All this makes it all the more important that we understand the basics of this business before we start it. Therefore, before investing in a stock market, we should understand how it works.


What is a Stock Market?


A stock market is a place where the stocks or shares of different companies are bought and sold, and the person who buys these shares becomes the shareholder of that company by a certain percentage. By investing in a stock market you will get paid by the company in two ways. These can be through the dividends, though their rates are fixed, and the second way is through the recognition of the company.


Different types of Stocks:


When we calculate how much investing in a stock market costs, we have to consider the type of stocks bought because different stocks have different market value.


Common Stocks:


Once you buy these stocks, you earn the right to vote at any shareholder meeting. But these shareholders are not given much preference because if a company goes bankrupt, these shareholders will only get their money after the creditors and the preferred shareholders.


Preferred Stocks:


When you buy these stocks, it will give you the rights of partnership minus the rights of voting. And the dividends they get will be calculated on a fixed rate though the preferred stocks have a higher yield per stock than the common stocks.


Penny Stocks:


These are the third kind of stocks and are usually the stocks of small public companies. They usually fetch very low prices.


Factors that Affect Stock Prices:


There are a number of reasons that affect our stock prices which in turn affects the cost of investing in a stock market.


Company Performance:


This is one of the main reasons because the profit a company makes is inter-linked with its performance. There are a number of reasons that have to be considered in order to ensure the better performance of a company. So every owner should have this far sight to facilitate his employees and to have a strong management.


Inflation and Deflation:


Both these factors affect the cost of investing in a stock market. In inflation, we see that the prices go up affecting the cost of manufacturing and transportation of goods. As a result, the stock market goes down due to the decrease in the profits. Whereas in deflation the prices of the goods go down but though it is supposed to be a good sign the investors stop investing in the stock market. The reason mainly being that they start believing that the economy has weakened


Interest Rates and Foreign Markets:


Another major factor that affects the stock prices are the interest rates that are incurred by a company when these particular companies take some loan. These high interest rates usually affect the dividends and the profits of a company. When the economic status of some country goes down, the foreign markets also indirectly affect the stock prices. Because with the decline in the economic status of a country the foreign market is reluctant to trade with the said countries. This will have an effect on the stock markets of the foreign countries.


Time to Invest:


A major factor that affects the cost of investing in a stock market is not only the money but also the amount of time we are prepared to invest in the financial market. Because only by giving it the proper time required will we be able to know the ins and outs of the market and thus be able to invest wisely.


Number of Shares:


The number of shares that we buy determine the total amount of money that we are using. It’s always advisable for the new-comers to buy fewer stocks which they can increase as they learn more about the business. While buying stocks, it’s advisable that we buy shares from different companies as this will be a more profitable investment.

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