5. Fundamental Analysis

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Fundamental Analysis

Making profits and seeing growth and expansion of a company are some of the factors that lead you to make an investment. When making an investment in the stock market, you need to evaluate and understand the financial position of the particular firm you have chosen to invest your money. 
The fundamental analysis provides you with information on whether a company is worth investing in or not. It enables you to have an idea of the current financial position of the firm, its direction regarding profits and growth and its general performance within its industry. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision on where your money will go. 

Why conduct fundamental analysis?

Where you invest your money matters and that is why you should be cautious with where you place your investment. Investment is required to make you grow and is not intended to make you lose. The fundamental analysis provides you with a wider scope of the company you want to invest in. The study gives you information about its profit making trends. From the profit trends, you can establish whether your investment will attract dividends or loses. A company that has a consistent profit-making trend has no debts and has a sound financial ground that is worth investing in. A company with an excellent growth rate and it is competitive in its industry is also worth investing in. 
With fundamental analysis, you will be able to know the real value of a company’s stock in the stock market. Analyzing the companies’ value will provide you with the best stock to buy in the market. You will also be able to know the best price of the stock that will bring back reasonable returns. In the bottom line, you will be able to tell the best company to invest in, when to invest and the amount to invest.

When to take the investment opportunity

Buying stock is more profitable sometimes than others. The best moment to purchase the stock is when you find the market value is lower than the real value of a company. This means that the company will strive to achieve its actual value and in the process, it is likely to make profits. Your stock will earn profits as the company is moving towards its real value and this is the best opportunity to invest.
When the market price is above the actual value of the company, it will try to move back to its real value, and this will mean the stock you bought will possibly attract loses. Through fundamental analysis, you will be able to know the real value of a company which will help you know the price of its stock. You will be able to make a wise decision when you are informed more about a company. 
Factors to consider in a company’s fundamental analysis


The aim of the investment is to make profits, and it is, therefore, important to know the profit earnings of a company currently and its plans. A good profit making business is where you should consider putting your money in.

Profit levels

Profit level is the comparison of the company’s profits with its revenue cost. Managing revenue costs is critical to a company hence profit margin is worth comparing between companies. You are poised to reap more earnings in a company with a higher profit margin.

Equity ratio

This ratio provides information on a company’s ability to make profits. Total income is divided by the amount that shareholders have invested. The higher the ratio, the higher the ability to make profits and it is better to consider such a company. 

Competitiveness of a business

If a company is a force to reckon with within its industry, you should consider investing in its stock. Its competitiveness makes it a consistent profit maker and hence you are assured of returns from your investment. 


A shrewd management is a driving factor to the success of a company. A company with able, creative and leaders with a successful reputation has high chances of success. You should consider the hands you place your money since it will have a bearing on what you reap. A strong management team will govern the company well and put its agenda first in growth and earnings.
Fundamental analysis is important for you to know the best place to invest your money. Making the right decision is crucial for your success in investment.


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