2. Features of Forex Trading

what is forex


Forex – the most liquid market in the world


As the world has been globalized, now everyone needs currencies of different countries in order to trade in that country. This buying and selling of currencies gives you an opportunity of making profit and sometimes deal at wrong timing can make u face loss. The place where these transactions take place is known as Forex market it is also known as foreign exchange market. It is market where you can buy any currency while selling the other. It is open 24 hours a day except weekends making it easy and possible for the investors and other traders to make any transaction whenever is a change in financial position.

The main traders at Forex are large international banks. Other than international banks; governments, financial institutions, central banks, corporations and individuals are also the participants of the market. All these traders generate an average daily turnover of $5.3 trillion. And this has been increasing with every passing day. You can also make the most of this growing trading business by just getting a little assistance of some real professional. Our recommendation will make it easier for you; hire etoro Trader as your web trader.

It is an online trading company which deals with different assets. It is a perfect place for those who want to learn about financial trading as it provides complete education about foreign exchange market and trading therein. Users allow their trades to be uploaded on the site which helps the other users as well. They can watch their trading activities and make their own trade by copying them.

It allows you to trade in 37 different currency pairs. It is a 24 hours’ platform for trading which starts from Sunday evening and continue its trading till Friday night i.e. weekends are off here as per the trend of foreign exchange marketing. It is just like a stock exchange market where a trader buys those shares which he intends to have risen in price in near future. Similarly, if a currency is expected to be strengthening in future then trader will purchase it and vice versa. This expectation is based on different scenarios of the country such as its stability, peace conditions, market position and other such factors.

The few things in currency trading, which a trader should know about are: exchange rate, leverage and volatile nature of the rates. Exchange rate is the relative value of different currencies. Since the transactions are carried out in different parts of the world without any standard depository system, therefore exchange rates are created to make two currencies identical. The other important concept is that of leverage, it is used to increase the potential return on investments. In other terms, it is a way by which investment is leveled up through debt financing. The last and the most important thing is the volatile nature of the rates. The exchange rates keep changing due to various reasons; these fluctuations allow the investors to make the most of their investments. Etoro has the ability to deal with all these things amazingly, it provides competitive rates. Their leverage model will make sure that you are selecting the best leverage ratio. And their guidance will help you in dealing with the ups and downs of the rates.

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