Currency Charts: The Essential for Forex Trading

Currency Charts


A very lucrative and rewarding investing line is the Forex trading. Then again, in order to be successful, you will have to take necessary steps and also make decisions like when to pair the currencies and with which currency. In order to maximize the profit, you must do extensive research. There is not just one way of predicting the movement of currency value, which will definitely assist you in making the correct decision and currency charts of the Forex trading are, undoubtedly, ideal to make the comparisons.


The currency charts are specially designed and created to display the performance of a Forex currency. Using the currency charts, you can easily check the performance in the past of the same, so that you can easily determine how apt it is actually, to make your move. The currency charts record different prices in a specific timeframe, which makes it possible and easy for somebody to view the low, average and high price of that one currency, of your interest, in comparison to others. With this vital information, you can easily do that stock’s trades as anticipated by currency charts. The currency charts are absolutely helpful if you are an investor or Forex trader.




The currency charts are of different types & the most common and popularly used are line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts.


Bar Charts: The bar charts are a little complex. They are designed to display closing and opening prices. Using the bar charts one can easily view and monitor highs as well as the lows. The bar charts contain one vertical bar that indicates the lowest price of trading at the very bottom during one specific period of time and the highest indicated price paid is at the very top. There is also one horizontal hash on the left side of the bar, which shows the opening price and the bar’s right side shows closing price. A bar actually means a time segment, whether it’s a week, day or an hour.


Line Charts: These charts are very simple to read and use. The line charts have one line going from a closing price to next closing price. When you see two periods together, it means that it is now possible for you to view the movement of the general price of the pair of currency within one specified time period.


Candlestick Charts: The candlestick charts are identical to the bar charts only that candlestick charts are in graphic formats, which are more pleasant and attractive. These charts use one vertical line in order to indicate a low and high range. In candlestick charts, the block in the middle of a line that is the largest actually shows you the range from opening to closing prices. The block is normally colorful when a particular currency closes in a lower rate. These charts are mainly used as a visual aid as they contain the same data and information that is also found in the bar charts. The reason that most traders choose the candlestick charts is only because that they are easier to interpret & at the same time, give the beginners a convenient time to figure out the chart analysis. These convenient charts also come with names that are exciting and which will help you in remembering their meaning.


Common periods of charting


The different charts of trading display and illustrate the movement of price over a time period. This also means that you will have to get familiar with the periods of currency charts, depending on the important matters of the trade. Switching to a different horizon of time can drastically change and transform the view of the market.


Monthly charts: The monthly charts are actually charts of Frex trading, which illustrates the movement of the price over one longer horizon of time. These chartings are more suitable for long-term investors; these can also represent the years of the data on price for one particular market.


Weekly Charts: These charts are also good options for traders and investors with a long-term horizon of time. If you want to analyze and see the intermediate term/time, you will then find the weekly charts appropriate. The weekly charts are generally used in analyzing six months period in excess.


Daily Charts: The daily charts are interval charts of one day & are used most commonly by the investors. These charts analyze six months period in excess and are very convenient for intermediate and short-term periods of time.


Intraday Charts: The intraday charts illustrate and display the price movements within daily closing and opening bells of a market. These charts can be further divided into the intraday 5 minute, 15 minute and even hourly charts. Such charts of shorter periods are ideal for day trades and scalping trades that usually last few hours, few minutes to few days of trading.


Why the Currency Charts?


If you approach strategically then you will definitely find the forex trading to be very profitable. The trading and currency charts offer a very convenient way for traders and investors to take decisions because they:


• Come with more than one frames of time, which allow the traders to view the trends and patterns easily.


• Have tools customized, which will allow all traders to get one fit that is perfect for the trading needs.


• Feature the overlay of many indicators for commodity and each pair of currency in the given market.


• Give assistance to the traders, especially while decision making in the real-time.


Choosing the perfect currency chart


A good currency chart should be convenient and easier to be used on any platform. You really would not like to try forever to be an expert in software use as you may lose just too much of your valuable time of trading.


The package of charting that is chosen by you should give you a convenient and easy time while setting up and downloading. Majority of the packages include the detailed instructions of the set up and user manuals that ease the learning.


Choose a package of charting, which offers indicators of trading for different strategies for trading. You should see where the trades are taking place without being carried away in delight by all the coding.You should consider time frames so that you can have the updates under the appropriate intervals that will match the window for investigation.

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